Driver Easy: Let’s Update Drivers on Windows 11, 10 and 7


To boost your computer’s speed and to keep it functioning properly, we always advise keeping your Windows system’s drivers up to date. The drivers on your computer or laptop can be backed up and restored using a command-line utility in Windows 11/10. You can automate the procedure using Double Driver or DriverBackup freeware if you don’t like to use the command-line tool. The motherboard and CPU chip manufacturers also offer their own utilities to keep your Windows computer up to date. For instance, you can utilize Intel Driver & Support Assistant for Intel hardware and AMD Driver Auto-detect for AMD hardware. The NVIDIA device’s official drivers for Windows 10/8/7 can also be downloaded.

Although it is usually advised to download and install the most recent drivers from the manufacturer’s website, you can automate the process using a third-party program if you don’t want to keep checking the manufacturer’s websites. A freeware program called Driver Easy enables you to maintain your system’s drivers up to date.

Driver Easy for Windows 11/10

Download and install the Driver Easy program on your computer to keep it updated. Double-clicking the Driver Easy shortcut from the Desktop shortcut icon will launch it after it has been installed. To scan your computer, click on the Scan Now button. Your computer or laptop will be thoroughly scanned, and a list of out-of-date drivers will be displayed.

Click on the Update button next to each entry on the list of out-of-date drivers. The most recent version will be downloaded from the manufacturer’s websites, and you can manually update your computer using the Device Manager. A premium version of the “Driver Easy” tool is required to access the “Update All” button.

Additional options like View Details, Delete, Open File Location, and Hide this Update are available when you select the drop-down menu next to Update. You can view the current driver and the new driver’s details on a new page by selecting the View Details option.

Our Opinion on Driver Easy

It is generally a fantastic piece of software that enables you to get the most recent drivers for your computer hardware. You must manually update the drivers using the device manager in the free version, which is the only cache. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 are compatible with it.

Download Driver Easy

You can download the latest Driver Easy from its official website.

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