Download, Install and Update Intel Drivers with Intel Driver & Support Assistant

It is always recommended to keep your drivers updated because they ensure that your system works fluently. Double Driver and DriverBackup are a few options available over the internet that let you quickly back up and restore drivers on Windows 11/10 PC. However, you can use the built-in Command Prompt or Power Shell to backup and restore drivers on Windows 11/10.

Although updating Drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website is good, Microsoft Updates also pushes the latest Drivers for Windows PCs.

Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a new tool offered by Intel that manufactures motherboards and processors.

It automatically identifies, finds, and installs the latest drivers for your computer. It was previously called Intel Driver Update Utility. Using this software, you can locate, find, and install the latest drivers for your computer.

If you use Intel Chipset or Processor, Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a great tool to update the drivers on your system. It automatically recognizes which driver updates are relevant to your computer and helps you install them quickly and easily. It means that you can easily keep your system up-to-date.

Download, Install and Update Intel Drivers

You can get the Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) from the official website. Once you download it, open the setup file and install it on your computer. After the completion of the installation process, restart your PC.

It may ask permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component to analyze your system. You may also need to disable any pop-up blocker to use it. You can manually download generic drivers for Intel products by visiting this page.

You can visit this page to see the details of your Intel hardware. You will also find more information about your computers like BIOS, Processor, Motherboard, Operating System, Graphics, Audio, Network Card, Memory, and Storage.

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