Download GClean or Google Clean Full Version Free for Windows 11 or 10

Both Windows 11/10 users use Google Chrome or Google. Some Windows users even use both search engines. Even some users know that Google collects your data through the Chrome browser. If you are a concerned privacy user, you can try clean” (formerly “GoogleClean”). It is a paid application, but for a limited period, the developer is offering it for free as a part of the giveaway.

GClean 2022 for Windows 11 and 10

GClean 2022, also known as Google Clean, is an easy-to-use program that modifies your Google Apps’ privacy settings to prevent your data from being exposed to advertisers. The application works with many browsers. It includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

The digital world makes accomplishing tasks quick and easy, but there is a catch. Whether you have to pay for the service is irrelevant. Users must sacrifice some of their self-worth in exchange for its use.

Users effectively “pay” for “free” Google services like search, Chrome, YouTube, Picasa, and Earth. User-profile data and cookie information are used for this purpose. Many different types of information are stored in these free Google apps, which enables Google to provide you with more relevant advertisements and search results.

Download WinClean: A Free Utility t...
Download WinClean: A Free Utility to Clean and Optimize your Windows 11 and 10

GClean examines the entire system in search of Google programs. Users can prevent their data from being sent to Google with a single click. Installing GoogleClean is a simple task that only takes a few minutes. It asks you to close any open browsers so it can make changes to its settings based on predefined rules.

Other things can be done with this program: It stops Google Analytics and deletes cookies from both Google and YouTube and Windows Index.dat files. It removes the Google Toolbar, Desktop, Earth components, and Google Updater.

Free License of GClean 2022

First, download it on your PC from the giveaway page to get a free copy of GClean. Now, install it on your computer. So it is pre-activated, so you don’t need a license key.

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