Download and Update AMD Drivers with AMD Driver Autodetect


If you want to keep your system working smoothly, it is recommended to keep your device drivers updated. Updated drivers keep PC health up to the notch and error-free. The Device Manager of Windows 11/10/8/7 offers you to alter the hardware settings, identify device drivers, install, uninstall, update, roll back, enable, and disable the drivers. Microsoft Updates also pushes the updated drivers as and when it is available. You can also backup and restore drivers on Windows 10 using Double Driver and DriverBackup freeware utilities. You can use this freeware to automate the process and identify, download, install or update drivers easily.

You can always go to the manufacturer’s website to find the correct drivers and download them as per your system requirements. We have seen the download links of NVIDIA drivers for Windows 11/10/8/7 and learned about Intel Driver & Support Assistant. You will learn to download and update AMD drivers with AMD Driver Autodetect in this risewindows article.

AMD Driver Autodetect

AMD Driver Autodetect automatically detects the graphics card and Windows OS you use on your computer or laptop. It will download if there’s any new driver available for your system in a single click and will eventually start the installation process. You can download and install the latest driver from the official AMD website.

AMD Driver Autodetect

Now that you have understood what AMD Driver Autodetect is and what it is used for, let us know how you can download it. If you are already using the AMD products, you can download the AMD Driver Autodetect tool from the official website. If any issue arises or the device is not working correctly, you can use AMD Cleanup Utility to uninstall all the AMD Drivers.

Download AMD drivers

If you want to download the specific drivers for an AMD product, you can download them from here.

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