ClocX: A Free Clock Widget for Windows 11/10

A desktop widget or a gadget is n application or software that stays on your desktop screen to control simple utility functions like clock, calendar, events, tasks, alarms, RSS feed, stock ticker, weather, CPU meter, and many more. You should try a freeware application ClocX. The ClocX is a free clock widget software for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It lets you add and use an analog clock widget on the top of your desktop. You can access some handy options by right-clicking on this clock on the desktop, including always on the top, unmovable, calendar, etc.

In this risewindows post, we will show you the most adorable widget; ClocX. I’m a big fan of these clocks, but it seems like everybody I know loves them, so here you are!

ClocX for Windows 11/10

The ClocX is a free widget for the Windows operating system that includes a lot of inbuilt themes. You can select and apply any theme by right-clicking on the widget and choosing the Options > Appearance tab. This clock widget enables you to add and set multiple alarms according to your requirements. To do that, right-click on the ClocX widget and select the Alarms option. In the “Alarms” dialog window, click on the New button and then set the alarm with its name, reoccurrence, time, etc. You can also choose actions when the alarm hits the time, such as playing a sound/ video, executing an application, or shutting down the computer. To access the Calendar from this widget, right-click on the clock and select the Calendar option to view it.

This ClocX allows you to customize many widget options such as transparency, mouse-over transparency, style, language, time zones, priority, multiple instances, etc.

Here, it can run multiple instances simultaneously, which is the best part of this ClocX widget. That means you can hang several clocks as a widget on your desktop. All are independent, so you can use different themes for all your clocks to beautify your desktop.

That’s it for the article.

Download ClocX

You can download the freeware version of ClocX from its official website.

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