Best Free Desktop Clock Widgets for Windows 11 and 10

Desktop Clock Widgets are one way to decorate our desktops. Although on Windows 11 or 10 machines, you can find the time on the taskbar, some users prefer to add a clock widget on the desktop. The clock widget stays on top of other apps and can be moved to any side of the screen, making it easier to keep track of your schedule. In addition, it also enhances the appearance of your Windows desktop.

This risewindows article will cover many free clock widgets you can use on your Windows 10 or 11 desktop. Those who like to decorate their desktops can take the help of these Desktop clocks. Below are some commonly used desktop clock widgets.

Digital Clock 4

Digital-Clock-4The Digital Clock 4 is a free widget for Windows 11/10, and you can download it from To use it, you need to download and install it on your PC. After you download and run the widget for the first time, a clock will appear in the top-left corner of the screen. By default, the Digital Clock 4 widget show only time in digital form.

Right-clicking on this digital clock, you can exit, update, change position, or change any other widget settings. Please ensure to right-click on the solid lines of the time; otherwise, the menu won’t appear when you click on empty spaces in the widget’s middle.

You can move the widget anywhere on the screen using the Position settings. Besides that, you can also drag this widget to any area on your screen.

The app is highly customization and using its Settings; you can do the following:-

The Appearance tab allows you to change the opacity and zoom level, change the clock’s skin, and customize the skin with textures and colorization. Here, you can enable the option to keep the widget always on top, make it transparent for the mouse cursor, and control whether the separator flashes or not. Apart from that, this allows you to set background color and much more.

Under the Misc tab, you can change the time format, align the widget, adjust the space between the clock’s digits, set the auto-update schedule, and start the widget with Windows startup.

When you move to the Plugins tab, you will find many plugins to enhance the widget’s functionality. You can add a date, set the alarm, show your IP address on the clock, and more. Check the checkbox to enable the plugin and click on the gear icon to customize it further.

The Experimental tab has a few options to help you use the widget more effectively. Some options are to show the clock in full-screen mode, always keep the clock visible on screen, etc.

Download Digital Clock 4

You can get free Digital Clock 4 from here.


ClocksThe .Clocks is another free widget that you can grab from the Microsoft Store. It offers five types of clock widgets to display time on your desktop. These clock widgets have a simple interface.

Once you download and install the app on your computer, you need to press the play button in the app to start using any clock widget. When the clock appears on your computer, you can drag it to any part of your desktop.

The app allows you to change the opacity and size of the clock, display seconds, and show a 24-hour clock. It has both analog and digital widgets.

Download .Clocks

If you need .Clocks, you can download it from Microsoft Store.

DS Clock

DS-ClockThe DS Clock is another handy clock widget for Windows 11 and 10. The widget displays the date and time when you download and install it on your PC. You can further customize this widget if you need it. To do that, right-click on the widget and select Options.

This widget allows you to change the date and time format and choose the separator of your choice. It lets you select a new time zone and add it to the widget. The app allows you to change the font of the text, use custom colors for the text and background or keep the widget transparent. You can even lock the widget position and tweak the sound settings. An option is available to launch the widget to load at Windows startup.

You can also change this widget clock position on the desktop by dragging it.

Download DS Clock

You can download DS Clock from here.


ClocX-Clock-for-Windows-11-and-Windows-10ClocX is a free clock widget software for Windows 11 and 10 that lets you use an analog clock widget on the top of your desktop. You can access some handy options by right-clicking on this clock on the desktop, including always on the top, unmovable, calendar, etc.

It has several inbuilt themes. You can select and apply a theme by right-clicking on this widget and selecting the Options > Appearance tab. This clock widget allows you to add and set multiple alarms according to your needs. Right-click on the widget and select the Alarms option. In the “Alarm” dialog window, click on the New button and set the alarm with its name, reoccurrence, time, etc. You can also choose actions when the alarm hits the time, such as playing a sound/video, executing an application, or shutting down the PC. To access the Calendar from this widget, right-click on the clock and select the Calendar option to view it.

Download ClocX

Read more and download ClocX.

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