Ashampoo Snap Free: A Screenshot Tool for Windows 11 and 10


Ashampoo Snap free is a screen capturing software for your windows system. The application lets you capture images and videos and offers a full-fledged editor to edit your screenshots. Usually to take a screenshot on the windows system. We prefer to use the Print Screen key (Prt Scr) to capture screenshots. Then we will edit the capture by pasting (ctrl+v) it on an image editor such as Gimp or Paint. This process is lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, the ‘Prt Scr’ key doesn’t let you capture videos and multiple screenshots, a specific part of the screen.

To cut down this process, save your time and offer multiple screen capture options, the German software developer Ashampoo GmBH provides an all-in-one screen capturing tool called Ashampoo Snap free. Once you have installed this app, you will never turn back to the Print Screen key (Prt Sc) to handle screenshots.

You can capture the full-screen content, single windows, scrollable texts or websites, or selected screen parts and save them in a format (PNG, BMP, JPG, APCDOC, PSD, and PDF are all supported) or capture videos. You can edit the screenshots with several tools: Change the color, highlight areas, change the size, add graphics or stamps, blur areas, and more. After finishing the editing, you can save the output on your local drive and save it on remote or cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, email, and Facebook.

Ashampoo Snap has a straightforward interface; now you launch the app, you can access the app’s functions either from the system tray or from the capture bar. Then, the capture bar will appear on the desktop screen in the upper right corner (thin strip of blue.). After that, it will be visible when you hover the mouse on the blue line and reach the app’s functionality from the drop-down toolbar.

If you don’t prefer the capture bar, you can disable it through settings (Configure–>Configuration–>General). Also, you can change the language and set hotkeys for different capture features through settings. For example, pressing the “print screen” key will capture the screen with a click sound and launches the app’s editing tool. You can disable this sound and assign a different key for capturing the screen through the ‘settings menu.

It supports printing the pages as well. So, for instant feature access, you can operate it with the “magic eye” (a floating toolbar near the top edge of the screen), the system tray icon, or keyboard shortcuts. It is light on system resources and unobtrusive.

Ashampoo Snap Free Features

  • Capture screenshots.
  • Multi-purpose capture tool for rectangular areas, entire and scrollable websites.
  • Capture fixed-size and freehand selections.
  • Capture multiple screens as a single screenshot.
  • Print screen.
  • Built-in screenshot editor.
  • Crop, scale, and rotate images.
  • Add straight and curved arrows.
  • Add texts and comments.
  • Extract screen colors.
  • Supports JPEG, PDF, PNG, and PSD formats.

Ashampoo Snap is a feature-rich screenshot and video capture tool with a more powerful image editor than the Snipping tool. It does an excellent job capturing anything displayed on your screen, including video.

Download Ashampoo Snap Free

If you need it, you can download Ashampoo Snap Free from here.

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