Ashampoo PDF Free: Creates, Merges, and Edit PDFs in Windows 11 and 10


Ashampoo PDF FREE is a fast PDF viewer and creator compatible with all PDF versions. It has a virtual printer allows you to create PDFs from any print-enabled application. In case you prefer physical copies, you can also use Ashampoo PDF FREE to print out documents, e.g., manuals. You should download and use it if you want the perfect PDF tool.

Ashampoo PDF Free for Windows 11 and 10

Ashampoo PDF FREE already does a lot, but you can do so much with PDFs than just creating and merging them. It lets you edit PDFs as easily as Word documents. Create documents with trustworthy signatures, apply pagination, or use integrated optical character recognition to convert images into editable text.

You can quickly delete or rearrange pages in your PDF documents. With this PDF software, even inserting pages from other documents is possible. The application helps you fill out static or dynamic PDF documents with embedded forms. And the built-in search feature makes finding text passages particularly easy.

Features of Ashampoo PDF Free

  • 100% Free PDF Reader.
  • Can Create, merge and edit PDFs.
  • Create PDFs.
  • It has a built-in printer driver to create PDFs from any Windows application.
  • Fill out interactive forms.
  • It helps with filling out static forms.
  • Compact and fast.
  • Search in documents.
  • Move and delete pages.
  • Insert pages from existing PDF documents.
  • Handy and elegant new ribbon-based user interface.
  • Fast switching between work modes with a quick-access toolbar.
  • Seamless document zoom is built into the status bar.
  • Button to adjust icon sizes within the application.

Installation of Ashampoo PDF Free

First, download the Ashampoo PDF Free app. This is a large download at just over 300MB, still takes time to download. But, after downloading, you run and install the software in just a few seconds. Then, you will need your Ashampoo account details to activate the license at the end of the installation. If you don’t have an Ashampoo account yet, it is easy and quick to set one up, and all you need is an email address. After that, enter your email and password. After completing the registration, finally you ready to go for Ashampoo PDF Free.

Download Ashampoo PDF Free

You can grab the Ashampoo PDF Free from its official website.

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